Lara Dutta upset with Mahesh Bhupathi for spilling the beans on upcoming movie


Bollywood Garam: After the happy wedding of actress Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi, the tennis star has now turned into a Bollywood producer. Since Lara has a good experience being in the industry for a while, Mahesh lacks the experience and this was evident when Mahesh leaked out certain details that Lara had expected him to keep it a secret.

Recently, Lara had created a lot of curiosity that a special guest appearance will be made in her forthcoming movie. The actress had said that she won’t reveal the secret now and would let the audience keep guessing till the movie releases in theatres.

But poor Mahesh, who seemed too excited, went on to tell all his close friends and relatives that it is he who is making a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie. And this had reportedly upset wife Lara as the news is already out and her idea of surprise flopped beforehand.

The “Chalo Dilli” actress was well aware of the fact that such news gets leaked easily and Mahesh could not control his excitement. Sources close to the production had confirmed that Mahesh had told about the appearance to his relatives.

Well, if you look on the bright since, its good to know that following numerous reports of certain differences between the couple, it is refreshing news to learn that the two spend a lot of time together.