Sandip Soparrkar’s speaks about the fake Royal Wedding invitation


Bollywood Garam: As the Royal wedding of Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton approaches, the royal invites too are slowly being disclosed. Some time back, famous Indian choreographer Sandip Soparrkar had said that he and his wife Jesse Randhawa have been invited to perform at the Royal reception of the Royal wedding in front of the VVIPs of the world.

However, the press office of the Buckingham Palace in London had rubbished the news saying that they weren’t invited to perform. Surprisingly, the spokes person of the St James Palace had confirmed that it was a false alarm and that they haven’t been invited for the Royal Wedding.

But Soparrkar said that he had suffered a knee injury and would not be able to perform at the Royal Wedding. Earlier, Soparrkar said that he had the official invitation from James Kidner, the assistant private secretary to the Prince of Wales. The letter had been sent by Isabella Ward from the Coexist office in London. When contacted Kidner, Ward had responded on behalf of Kidner and said that they do not have any rights to send invitations and have nothing to do with the Royal Wedding.

On this, Sandip was highly upset and said that he did not know why they said this. The choreographer had said that he had even planned an inauguration function of the letter.

So it looks like Soparrkar’s dreams of performing at the Royal Wedding, will just be a dream for now! But critics say that the whole “Royal Wedding Invitation saga” was a big publicity stunt to promote his dance classes and there are millions of bigger dancers in the world who are better than Sandip.

Poor Sandip, we hope you get well soon, from the knee injury and the Royal snub.