Puri Jagannath apologizes for hiring foreign artists without work permits


Bollywood Garam: After MNS activists halted the shooting of the movie ‘Bbuddah’ in Mumbai, the director of the movie, Puri Jagannath, has publicly sent an apology to the party. The activists had broken in on the movie sets saying that the makers of the movie were using foreign girls, who did not have official permits to work in the country.

The movie was being processed under the production of Amitabh Bachchan’s AB Corp. Director Puri Jagannath had addressed a letter to Raj Thackerey saying that they found that their dancers and foreign junior artists either did not have work permits or had expired permits.

The letter further said that they apologize for the neglect and that such a thing would not happen in future. The director had even assured that they would perform all the activities as per law without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Amey Khopkar, the chief of the MNS film association had said that they had opposed the inclusion of the 40 foreign artists working in the crew of the film. Khopkar in the statement had said that the foreign artists were working without official permits in the movie. This wasn’t the first time Amitabh was attacked by the MNS workers.

The apology letter came a day after the MNS activists had attacked the movie sets.

Along with the glamour of Bollywood, it has been noticed that many a time, just to add an international touch to the movie, directors take foreigners who many a time don’t have work permits to do so. The latest incident suffered by “Bbudah” was an example to other film makers.