Aamir Khan to smooch new girl in ‘Dhoom 3’


Bollywood Garam: Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai’s kiss in ‘Dhoom 2’ is still fresh in the minds of the audience, and when a super star like Aamir Khan is cast for the third installment of ‘Dhoom’, then why should he lag behind.

According to recent reports, Yash Raj Films is hunting for a fresh face to play the lead role opposite Aamir Khan in the movie. Sources from the crew of the movie have said that the new girl must be prepared to be presentable and daring enough to smooch the ‘Lagaan’ actor on screen.

Yes, the makers are planning to do an intimate smooch scene between the girl and Aamir. Aamir has already geared up with the preparation of the movie, while reports have said that the production has already caught hold of a girl from north India.

In addition to this, the girl regularly visits the studios and will be trained to match up with the star. Rumour has it that the actress may also be asked to wear a swim suit for the movie and has to prepare herself physically to do the stunts and action scenes. The new girl will be physically and mentally trained to fit in to the role.

In the midst of all these reports, we must say that there has been official disclosure regarding the identity of the new girl.