Zaheer Khan and Isha Sharvani decide to live-in before marriage


Bollywood Garam: Not many days have passed since it was announced that actress Isha Sharvani and cricketer Zaheer Khan will be getting hitched this year; but with only a few months left for their wedding, the couple has decided to have live in relationship together in Mumbai till they officially tie the knot.

Zaheer and Isha have moved in an apartment which has been bought by the cricketer. Maybe the two want some practice or just want to have a taste of marriage before their actual married life starts say critics, but the move has baffled fans and raised eyebrows across India.

Close friends of Zaheer on the condition of anonymity have told that the fast bowler has bought a flat in Ashok Towers in Parel area. When asked if any of the family members opposed the concept of live in, he said that Isha’s parents are actually very broad minded and a little opposition is normal in every relationship. But Zaheer and Isha are reportedly happy and secure with each other.

The Indian bowler  met Isha during an event, where the actress had performed to send off the Australian team. Everything was fine initially, but things became sour later and they stopped keeping in touch. It was only in July 2010, that the couple decided to give each other a second chance and are now on the verge of becoming soul mates.