Vinay Pathak is back with Bheja Fry 2


Bollywood Garam: Some may say ‘not again’,  but its true that Vinay Pathak will be back with ‘Bheja Fry 2’. One cannot imagine a movie that will make you pull your own hair, without Pathak in the movie and after  much apprehension Pathak decided to take on the role yet again.

But the latest buzz in Bollywood is that director Sagar Ballary has instructed Vinay to put on some weight, since he has lost weight after the first Bheja Fry flick in 2007. Initially, the actor did not like the idea of losing weight – as it took two years to shed those extra kgs – but he finally complied to the movie demands.

The ‘Chalo Dilli’ actor has agreed to be a part of the second Bheja Fry movie and has been working on putting on some weight for around six weeks news. The producer, Mukul Deora, and the director, both thought that it was essential to maintain the ‘glutton look’ to make the character a lot more effective.

This time, the character of Bhushan has been given a new name and a new designation. Pathak will be playing the role of Bharat, who is a tax inspector, and has a passion for singing and dreams of becoming a singer. In order to fulfill his dreams, Bharat enters a contest thinking that he would win it and would record his own album with the cash prize. The makers of the movie have said that the character of Bharat has been inspired by Charlie Chaplin.