Shocking reasons behind John Abraham- Bipasha Basu split revealed


Bollywood Garam: The rumours surrounding the John Abraham- Bipasha Basu split just doesn’t seem to be ending. Some have said there is a ‘new relationship’ between Bipasha Basu and her co-star Josh Harnett,  while others say something is brewing between Basu and Rana Daggubati; but now the ‘Raaz’ actress has decided to speak out openly about the actual reason behind her break-up from ‘Dostana’ star John Abraham. A friend of the star, who consoled her during the split, has revealed some pretty shocking reasons for the end of the actress’ 10 year relationship with John.

There were actually many reasons behind their shocking break-up, and close friends of the couple have said that there were too many reasons to talk about and the two just could not work it out. The two had split way back in the month of February 2011, but had decided to keep the matter away from the media so that they can deal with it personally.

Bipasha has now reportedly given John the permission to talk about the matter if he wishes. It was 10 long years that they had been together, but friends say that still there was lack of commitment in the relationship, as none of them wanted to give up a budding Bollywood career.

So what made John and Bips drift away? A friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Indian media that tensions started brewing over the last two years, and the actress became frustrated that John didn’t want to settle down.

Another triggering incident was the ‘Koffee With Karan episode’, where John appeared alone, and his solo appearance itself had spoken enough about the two (because the show is known to interview mainly celeb couples). Moreover, on the talk show, the ‘Paap’ actor had even given statements like his house has become like a ‘toll naka’ and that he was a bed breaker, which really made the actress sad.

If that was not enough, in the recent years, Bipasha had even developed insecurities over John’s closeness to his co-stars like Vidya Balan and Katrina Kaif.

But the final straw had to be the news that Bips was trying to work work with Salman Khan – as it was a well known fact that Khan and Abraham despised each other.

With the news out, Bips wants to focus on her career as she has got a break in a Hollywood flick. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend seems to be happy flaunting his single status.

Will Bollywood’s most loved celeb couple get back together? Friends and fans don’t think this will happen anytime soon.