Zarine Khan kisses a mystery guy at a nightclub


Bollywood Garam:  While all the actors in Bollywood are busy making up and breaking up, actress Zarine Khan too is trying her best to make her presence felt in the industry. The ‘Veer’ actress was recently spotted kissing and cuddling a guy, who could not be identified yet.

Zarine and a few of her friends were a part of her birthday bash at a night club in Mumbai, India. The actress was wearing a black mini skirt along with a white top and had sported a new tattoo on her ankle.

After entering the night club, the couple were engaged in some serious public display of affection and were seen planting kisses on each others’ cheeks while they were holding hands and hugging each other.

The man who was getting intimate with the actress had a fair complexion and seemed slightly shorter than the actress. He was dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt and sported some pretty funky spiky hair. Surprisingly, the actress even admitted that she was indulged in the romantic act but said that she wasn’t romantically involved with the guy. While reasoning, Zarine said that she showed her love to him as he had arranged the birthday party for her and insisted that she is still single.