Ram Gopal Varma to direct movie on Maria Susairaj's criminal case


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma has again yet another inspiration for his upcoming movie. This time, Ramu is stuck on the bizarre crime committed by Kannada actress Maria Susairaj, who is known to have killed her ex-lover with the help of boyfriend, who was a naval officer.

The actress and the naval officer had reportedly killed her previous lover Neeraj Grover, cut him up and had dumped it in to a suitcase. The director has decided to call the movie ‘A Love Story’ and the shooting of it will begin from the 10th of April.

Varma said that he had seen all the drama in Malad area, in Mumbai, where the crime had happened. Director added that normal people with a normal lifestyle live in that area and such a crime was a strange thing for such a residential area.

The “Ek Hasina Thi” producer said that he will go through each and every detail of the murder case and he has also met some people who knew Susairaj and Emile Jerome Matthew, who had committed the heinous crime. Varma revealed that he has signed Mahie Gill to play the role of Susairaj, as he liked her performance in the movie ‘Dev D’. The surprising part was that the movie will not have any songs or music. Looks like a new genre of movies will hit Bollywood soon.