Angela Jonsson finds a new buddy in Shahid Kapoor?


Bollywood Garam: After being linked with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor for a while, the winner of the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011, Angela Jonsson has now allegedly found a new companion. The swimsuit model is nowadays seen with Priyanka Chopra’s ex-boyfriend actor Shahid Kapoor.

Angela has earlier confessed that she was very fond of Bollywood, so what can be a better idea to get a gate pass to the film industry by getting linked with a Bollywood actor? The model’s friendship with Ranbir was a way to get noticed in the industry.

The model had allegedly told some people to take pictures of her with Ranbir and to some how make them public. Earlier, Ranbir hardly knew Angela, and after finding out the truth behind those leaked pics, Ranbir was supposedly very surprised by those tricks, and stopped responding to her calls and messages.

Exit Ranbir, enter Shahid. What is the common link between these two men? Their actors! Critics say that the model is to get hitched with a hot Bollywood hunk to nurture her acting dream. Some even say that she is trying to follow the foot steps of Mallika Sherawat, since the ‘Hiss’ actress Mallika did the same on an international level.

Angela shot to fame after she had participated in the Kingfisher Calendar Girl Hunt and had even won the contest. The model had even managed to floor Siddharth Mallya with her beauty.

Let’s just wait and watch if Angela manages to floor the directors with her acting skills or with her link-ups to famous actors.