404 – Error Not Found movie review – The new side of Indian cinema?


Bollywood Garam: 404 – Error Not Found is one of the rare movies from Bollywood that has the potential to entertain the audience. Director Prawal Raman has managed to bring in the right amount of intensity, horror and thrill just enough for the audience to digest.

The 404- Error Not Found poster

The story of the movie is about a room No.404 in the hostel of a medical college. The access to the room has been restricted for three years, as a student named Gaurav died in that room. But in true filmy style, the locals still believe that the student still resides in the room.

However, despite being warned about the incident, Abhimanyu (Rajvir Arora), who does not believe in such rumours, decides to stay in that room. Abhimanyu then comes across professor Anirrudh (Nishikant Kamath), who is a professor of psychology and is impressed by his bravery to stay in the room. Abhimanyu also happens to have been ragged by Chris (Imaad Shah) – who is pretty impressive in his role.

The movie has many interesting as well as scary moments and will make you question of the authenticity of many scientific laws. It will alsi leave the audience wondering if the climax of the movie is what you had expected. Incidentally, the name of the movie is taken from the error that internet users often see when the server cannot find what was requested by the user – and this same notion is applied to the film. Director Raman has made the room no. 404 like another character in the movie.

The verdict? 404 – Error Not Found is a must watch at least for once. It’s a good break away from all the romantic and slapstick comedy movies that seem to be incessant in Bollywood. It will keep you thinking and bring out your analytical skills which are often dead when you watch the ususal Bollywood film. Watch it to get a taste of a new side of Indian cinema.