Angela Jonsson opens up about Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor


Bollywood Garam: After constant link-up stories between model Angela Jonsson and actors Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, the model decided to rescue herself. Angela and her family were reportedly upset over the constant news that was brewed by the Indian media, and decided it’s time that the truth was unveiled.

One of the close friends of Angela had said that last few weeks were very traumatic for Angela and her family due to the false reports of her catching attention to get a hold in Bollywood. The friend added that the model is a very soft spoken and polite girl and was shocked after hearing all the negative reports about her.

Meanwhile, Angela herself came out and said that it was true that she met Ranbir and had went out for dinner with him, but there was nothing more than that. Over reports about Shahid, she said that she had just met him in social parties at Anushka Sharma’s birthday bash and had not known anything else about Shahid.

The model explained that Ranbir had taken her out for dinner as any adult would do. Angela had met Shahid in Anushka’s party and did not know him more than that and neither had his phone number. Even Shahid was upset when he had heard about the reports of him being linked to Angela.

Well, now that Angela has cleared the air, we hope she can get back to work and however filmy this may sound, we hope to see her in Bollywood soon!