Alisa Khan accuses Rakhi Vohra of molesting her in a hotel room?


Bollywood Garam: Actress Alisa Khan, who will soon be making her debut in the movie ‘My Husband’s Wife’ by Vinod Chhabra, has said that her co-star actress Rakhi Vohra tried to molest her when she shared a hotel room wth her in Kuala Lumpur. Rakhi and Alisa are co-stars in the upcoming Bollywood film, which also includes Rati Agnihotri, Prem Chopra, Shakti Kapoor and Pawan Sharma.

Rakhi had reportedly invited Alisa stay with her in a single suite since both of them would be staying alone in their rooms. Alisa agreed to move in with her as she was longing for some company and since she didn’t suspect anything fishy. But Alisa was shocked to see Rakhi started behaving in an awkward and disgusting way when she moved into her room.

Alisa alleges that Rakhi began stripping infront of her and started to molest her, and chase her around the hotel room completely naked. Alisa then confronted her and this was when Rakhi locked her in the room and went alone to the sets. Khan then called the director, and it was only after Rakhi was begged by the crew, that she finally gave them the room keys.

The director had confirmed that the incident took place and said that Rakhi had disappeared immediately after her shooting schedule ended. The director went on to say that he has no clue how to get the two actresses back together for the music launch of My Husband’s Wife.

Rumour has it that Alisa is so shocked by the incident, that she has decided to quit showbiz and to join an aviation company as an airhostess. There seems to be always something filmy happening in Bollywood!