Liza Malik poses topless for PETA campaign


Bollywood Garam: Item girl Liza Malik, who had recently claimed that she got calls to fix  IPL cricket matches, has now posed topless for PETA’s latest campaign targeting leather balls used in cricket matches. Malik decided to do be a part of PETA after she realized that such a cause was often ignored and had to be supported in order to get the attention of people across the world.

Image Credit: PETA

The item girl has posed with a huge cricket ball (or what looks like a cardboard cutout of a cricket ball) just enough to cover her assets. The ball has a message for all those who use leather balls to play cricket. The message says, ‘The best way to fix cricket is to stop using a leather ball.’

Liza broke down when she learnt that animals are slaughtered ruthlessly in order to get leather from them, which is then used to make cricket balls. Malik has now appealed to use synthetic balls of high performance, instead of leather balls for the game.

The Kolkata-based item girl said that people around the globe may be enjoying the IPL matches, but not many consider the pain of the animals, who are slaughtered to get leather to make balls for the game.

Liza had earlier appeared in the dancing reality show Dancing Queen, and before that she had released her album ‘Simply Liza’ along with Mika Singh.