Paoli Dam sports bikinis and scanty clothes with ease


Bollywood Garam: Bengali actress Paoli Dum may be the new actress to step in the glam world of Bollywood after doing a lot of skin show in the Bengali film industry. Dum has dared to wear a two piece bikini in Bengali movies like ‘Takshan Teish’, ‘Kagujer Bou’ and Hotel Blue Moon.

The Bengali actress is crossing her own limits by showing off her skin and shedding all her inhibitions in front of the camera with every passing day. And rumour has it that the actress had not done these scenes as per the director’s wish, but had agreed to do them as per the demands of her character.

In the movie ‘Takshan Teish’, Paoli had played the character of a porn star. The actress said that since porn stars do not mind wearing bikinis and skimpy cloths, the actress wore them in the movie to portray the character in a realistic sense.

Even in the movie ‘Kagojer Bou’, the actress played the role of a model named Priti, who is a lot more comfortable wearing revealing clothes like bikinis and micro mini skirts.

The competition in Bollywood has indeed increased with so many actresses ready to shed clothes and Paoli is another actress to join the list of bold newbies. We wonder if she will go topless and grace the cover of a magazine soon.