Murder 2 rumoured to break all barriers of intimacy


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood movie ‘Murder’ is still fresh in the minds of the audience, due to the sensual content of the movie. Director Mahesh Bhatt  is always known for adding some amount of sexual content in his movies, and he doesn’t plan on disappointing his fans in Murder 2.

Jacqueline Fernandez and Emaraan Hashmi in Murder 2

Such a trend will continue to be there in his movies and the sequel of Murder is only going to raise the bar. To make sure that the audience does not get bored of the same old sexual content, the film maker has this time roped in Jacqueline Fernandez for the female lead opposite the serial kisser Emraan Hashmi.

To add to the excitement, Bhatt has said that so far his films had lacked sizzle, but the sequel of Murder will definitely break all  barriers. There are cross dressers, prostitutes who will beyond their guidelines to offer pleasure to the audience in Asia – who are gradually opening up to the increasing explicit content in Bollywood movies.

Actor Emraan has said that the writer of the movie is Shagufta Rafique, who was once a bar dancer herself. Moreover, the actor said that to get in to his role more deeply, he has even visited strip joints, massage parlors and dance bars. The actor had even said that the girls who are involved in to the sex trade aren’t actually having fun and just make their customers believe that the pleasure is real.

Well, we hope that Murder 2 lives up to the hypes, and gives the audience a memorable and blockbuster movie.