Yuvika Chaudhary harassed by prostitute agent?


Bollywood Garam: Bollywood actress Yuvika Chaudhary, who had started her Bollywood career with the movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ has been going through a tough time dealing with a prostitute agent. A fake account had been created by John, a pimp on a social networking site on her name, which had stated that she was available for Rs 5 lakhs.

The ‘Naughty @ 40’ actress had even claimed that she had been constantly receiving calls and messages from John on her personal number for the past two weeks. The actress said that she could not understand how he got her number, and whether this was some prank played by her friends.

Yuvika has said that she has now stopped taking any calls from unknown numbers and has been warning people to just ignore such calls and messages. The actress has also deactivated her account from the site.

However, this wasn’t the first time the actress was harassed. Yuvika was once chased by someone, when she was driving home in her car and the person had come and started to bang on her windshield. The actress has now informed the police about the matter and said that such things are a part of all the actors and that it was her duty to inform the police as a safety measure.