Sanjay Dutt’s driver plays Mallika’s father in Double Dhamaal


Bollywood Garam: As Munna Bhai is always known for his big heart, the fact applies to Sanjay Dutt’s real life too. Sanjay had recently given his driver Prasad an opportunity to act in his upcoming flick ‘Double Dhamaal’.

Prasad has been with the Dutt family since ages and has even been a driver for Sanjay’s mother Nargis. Since Prasad is associated with the filmy family for long, the driver himself has developed an interest of acting. Sanjay then thought of fulfilling one of his wishes and had requested director Indra Kumar, to give him a small role in the movie to play. After discussing a small scene, Kumar had then requested Mallika to do the scene with Prasad.

Prasad was then given the role of Mallika’s father, after which the driver was more than just thrilled. In the scene, Mallika is seen pleading in front of her father, while the father remains adamant and dies of heart attack. Indra Kumar had also confirmed the enacting of the scene and said that Prasad while the scene was being shot had said some thing so funny that every one on the sets were taken aback and Sanjay too couldn’t control his laughter. The scene might get dropped at the editing table, but in case it survives, then Sanjay will be the loudest one to laugh.