Bachchan family snapped returning from Delhi – Photos

Bachchans holi (4) The Bachchan family celebrated the festival of Holi in Delhi with daughter Shweta Bachchan and it was a double celebration as it was also Shweta’s birthday. However, the Bachchan family did not celebrate the festival due to the death of a distant relative. The family was snapped returning to Mumbai on March 18, 2014.

Bachchans holi (4)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was snapped carrying baby Aaradhya, who is around 2.4 years old now. After a long time, the actress was seen in public with the baby. Father Abhishek Bachchan was also snapped along with the family.

Bachchans holi (5)

Bollywood beauty Aishwarya is back in her old shape following her pregnancy and will be back on the silver screen soon.

Bachchans holi (2)

Bachchans holi (3)