Not a Love Story first look released by Ram Gopal Varma


Bollywood Garam: Film maker Ram Gopal Varma has released the first look of his movie ‘Not a Love Story’. Earlier, there were reports that the movie will be based on the controversial case of Maria Susairaj. But the director has denied saying that the movie is based on the case.

Critics say that the director probably wants people not to believe his words so that the movie would attract enough publicity.

Varma’s earlier venture ‘Rakht Charitra’ had received support from the state of Andhra Pradesh, which had narrated the story of the politician Paritala Ravi. Ramu is intentionally spreading the word that the movie is not based on the Maria case, as the director has done deep research of the case for the movie.

Moreover, the first look looks like the murder scene in the apartment where the murder was committed. Normally, Ramu hardly indulges in showing off intimate scenes in his movies, but this time the director had to add a few intimate scenes to show the passion of the lead characters in the movie. Varma had added the scenes so that it justifies the desperation that had led to the couple to commit the crime. Yet Varma is adamant on his words when he said that his movie is not based on Maria Susairaj and so the question of offending anyone does not arise.