Sanjay Dutt dons bald look in remake of ‘Agneepath’


Bollywood Garam: After playing the good man in the ‘Munna Bhai’ series, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is all set to play the bad man in the remake of the movie ‘Agneepath’. But for the role, Sanju had to work out a lot and even had to shave his head.

Initially, the actor was hesitant to shave off his hair, but later the heat in Diu did not leave the actor with any choice. The actor took the help of Hollywood make up artist Robin Slater to get the bald look for the movie.

The major problem the actor was facing was with the prosthetic make up. The heat in Diu used to shot up, up to 48 degress, due to which the make up used to melt and come of. Sanjay then decide to have the bald look to avoid the make up mess.

Apart from make up, Dutt even put on lots of weight and used to work out twice a day. Sanjay said that he had to do it for himself and for all his fans. The actor had to go through long hours of make up sessions, which made him stressed at times. Sanjay in the movie will be playing the role of ‘Kaancha Cheena’.