Priyanka Chopra’s birthday celebrations to be low-profile


Bollywood Garam: After being in the film industry for years, Priyanka Chopra has become the most popular actresses in Bollywood. On 18th July,  the ‘Kaminey’ actress has turned 29, yet does not have any plans to get settled in near future.

The actress has said that her priorities are films and she does not want to compromise anything for it. Priyanka has now come in par with Kareena Kapoor, who is also become busy shifting between shooting schedules.

All those who are close to the actress are very well aware of the fact that the actress does not like to throw lavish parties for her birthday. Moreover, Priyanka hasn’t even organized a single party on her birthday till date.

The ‘ Don 2″ actress said that she hates throwing parties as, she wants everything to be perfect and that it takes lot of time and effort. In that case she prefers that someone else organizes a party for her. This year the ‘Krrish’ actress said that she would be working on her birthday too. While the actress was away in Los Angeles, her mom had already given her a few birthday presents. Priyanka even shared that she loves surprises and gifts.

The actress will now soon be seen in her upcoming movie Don 2.