Heroine script to be modified for pregnant Aishwarya Rai?


Bollywood Garam: Close on the heels of the announcement that Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai is pregnant, director Madhur Bhandarkar is now allegedly preparing to tone down the script of his upcoming movie ‘Heroine’. Ash has already started shooting as the main lead in the movie, and as her due date is somewhere in November 2011, the movie needs to be wrapped up soon.

While the ‘Raavan’ actress is determined to complete the project despite her pregnancy, the director is worried about the health of the actress. Some of the sources from the production unit have said that the movie involves a lot of emotional scenes and intense moments which could be harmful to Ash.

The director has opined that the heavy emotions and intense moments might affect the health of the actress in such a situation. Bhandarkar is now trying to make changes in the script of the movie in order to tone down the scenes bit.

Moreover, Ash is also supposed to do many intimate scenes, which the actress will not be refraining from. Earlier, the project was offered to Kareena Kapoor who had chickened out due to the intimate and intense scenes in the movie. The unit is now trying their best to finish the shooting of the movie before Aishwarya’s pregnancy becomes visible. The makers are just trying their best that the complexities and the dark drama of the movie does not affect Ash’s health.