Delhi Belly movie review


Bollywood Garam: After a lot of promos and teasers, the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ is finally out for the audience to enjoy. As always, actor turned producer Aamir Khan has brought something new for the older audience, since it has been given an ‘A’ certificate.

Director Abhinay Deo has compiled an adult comedy movie with Imran Khan, Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Vir Das, who are room mates in the movie. Tashi (Imran) has a rich girlfriend, Sonia played by Shehnaaz Treasurywala. But Tashi is not sure if Sonia is the perfect soul mate for him. The three room mates then get entangled into some coincidences and accidental exchanges.

The whole film is filled with humour, which may not be acceptable to all, as it involves bathroom humour. However, the movie has been cleverly executed by director Deo. All the characters on the movie have been well used by the makers, while Imran is one surprise package in the movie who will be seen like never before.

Even the bland characters played by Shehnaz and Poorna Jagannath have well contributed to the other characters of the movie. Overall, a must watch for those, who can take the humor.