Baba Ramdev is H*t and S*xy, says Rakhi Sawant


Bollywood Garam: The ‘Swayamwar’ trendsetter girl Rakhi Sawant has always grabbed attention in some way or another. Earlier, she had caught attention by slapping her ex boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi in front of the paparazzi and then came her ‘Swayamwar’ where she had gambled with several men in search for a life partner. Then there was her demand doe C strings, and now she’s in love with Ramdev Baba.

After the unsuccessful search for a life partner, the item girl has now expressed her love for Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev. The actress had confessed her love at a press conference saying that she wants to marry Ramdev Baba and wants to become a ‘glamorous sadhvi’.

Rakhi said that she is highly impressed with Swami Ramdev and had even refused to address him as ‘Baba’ as she said that he is a ‘Swami’ for her. The item girl added that he is extremely attractive and is impressed with his flat stomach.

Earlier, she had claimed that she wants to get married to the most eligible bachelor Rahul Gandhi , but she later said that she might not get along with Sonia Gandhi and so she has changed her mind towards Ramdev Baba who has plenty of money, claims Rakhi.

Wonder what would be the reaction of poor Swami Ramdev on her proposal for marriage!