‘I Am Kalam’ review, a story of an inspiration


‘I Am Kalam’ is a well executed movie made by director Nila Madhab Panda. The movie is one of the rare movies that the Indian audience gets to see with a simple but a touching message.

The story of the movie is about a boy, who is about to enter his teens, named Chhotu. The main role of Chhotu is played by Harsh Mayar. Chhotu comes from a poor family in Rajasthan.

Do not go by the status of the boy as he is very intelligent and is sharp and quick at learning things. Despite his skills and talents, the boy works at a tea stall by the road side, which is run by the owner Bhati played by Guldhan Grover.

Grover in the movie has played the role of the good man, but Chhotu has to face the dominations from another senior boy working at the tea stall named Laptan. His skills are then slowly recognized by people around him whom he meets. The movie is a low budget one but doe not seem like it has been made with limited funds. All the characters in the movie have given their best including Grover and Pitobash Tripathy, who plays the role of Laptan.