Rakhi Sawant to insure her cleavage, face and butt?


Bollywood Garam: Indian actress Rakhi Sawant is all set to go the Hollywood way. After being candid about her numerous cosmetic surgeries, the actress has said that she wants to insure her body parts.

Sawant has said that she has been insured for her life against accidents, but now she has expressed that she wants to insure her face, cleavage, butt and her hair. The former Bigg Boss contestant said that she wants to go the way other Hollywood actresses do with their body parts.

But now the actress has a problem, as to which Indian insurance company would help her doing it. Sawant has also said that she does not even mind contacting some of the foreign insurance companies and that she does not want to delay this anymore.

While talking about her urge to do this, the actress said that her face, hair and other body parts are a medium to earn her bread and butter and so she wants to safeguard her assets to have a hassle-free career as well as life. The candid item girl said that she wants to get insured and free herself from all the tensions. The Hollywood stars, who have insured their body parts include Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Heidi Klum and Mariah Carey.