Salman Khan operated in US for nerve disorder


While the makers of the movie Bodyguard are celebrating the success of the movie, actor Salman Khan has undergone surgery in the US for a nerve disorder. On Wednesday, the actor was taken to the operation theatre in a hospital in Los Angeles.

A while back, it was reported that the actor was suffering from some health problems. The doctors had advised the actor to undergo the surgery immediately.

The ‘Dabangg’ actor has a blockage in his mouth due to which he used to suffer from acute pain in his lower jaw. The problem had persisted for more than seven years, but the condition got aggravated in the past few months.

This time, the actor thought that he could not neglect the problem and decided to go with the surgery. A week back, when the reports of the ill health of the actor had surfaced in the media, the family members had denied that the actor was unfit. Close friends of the actor had said that he used to experience acute pain when he used to have something extremely hot or cold in his mouth. The surgery is very similar to a heart surgery and usually lasts for at least five hours.