Poonam Pandey fulfills partial strip promise – PHOTO


Bollywood Garam: Indian model and wannabe-Bollywood aspirant Poonam Pandey has partially fulfilled at least her promise to flaunt her birthday suit. The model has posted a scandalous photograph of her in a skimpy bikini and revealing her entire rear on Twitter, in order to ‘inspire’ the Indian cricket team so that they perform well in their future matches.

Poonam has dared to bare almost everything, while she wears a tiny black bikini along with an accessory on her waist and heels for the garnish. The model has called it as the ‘Motivational Surprise for the Indian cricket team’.

The Kingfisher Calendar model, in her earlier posts, had written that she would soon bring a surprise for the Indian cricket team to motivate them, especially after they were defeated by England in the recent test series.

Poonam said that now she wants them to win in the ODIs. The mode has also assured that the photographs are in series and every time the team would win, she would post a new photograph. Just before the Indian cricket team won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, the model had claimed that she would bare all for the team in private, if the team won. The Indian team did go on to win the coveted Cup, but the model could obviously not keep her promise.