‘Ra.One’ sequel to not have Kareena Kapoor?


The climax of the movie ‘Ra.One’ had hinted that the movie definitely has the potential for a sequel. However, the producer of the film Shahrukh Khan does not seem much interested in casting Kareena Kapoor for the sequel.

Though Kareena Kapoor is keen on working for the sequel of the movie, Shahrukh does not seem much interested. Kareena Kapoor is now all set to tie the knot after the release of the movie ‘Agent Vinod’ due in the month of March 2012.

Due to this Khan is aware that Kareena will cut down on her work and a sequel to ‘Ra.One’ will surely not be ion the priority list of the actress. Some of the close friends of the actress say that Kapoor wasn’t much impressed by the box office collections of the movie.

Moreover, the makers spent exorbitantly on the promotions of the film, which became the first movie in the country to be promoted on such a large scale. But the film could not take off to the heights as expected by the makers. Till now no official statement has been released about the sequel of the movie but the production unit says that the casting of the movie will be done after the script has been finalized.