Shahrukh Khan injured during holiday with family


Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan who in the year 2011, gave some of the biggest hits of Bollywood, has recently injured himself. The star after having a hectic year while promoting for the movie ‘Ra.One’ as well as his recently released movie ‘Don 2’ injured his ribs while holidaying with family in Dubai.

Khan wanted the break desperately as he hardly found time with his family when he was busy with two major releases last year. The actor was injured while he was playing soccer with his daughter Suhana.

Reports have said that the actor might also have to undergo a surgery. The star Tweeted, “Have hurt ribs. Holiday soccer career nipped in the bud…bah!! Now to indulge in reading & videogames. Hurts only when I laugh or breathe (sic)”.

After doing action movies in the movies ‘Don 2’ and ‘Ra.One’ , the actor will be doing a romantic role in the upcoming movie with Yash Chopra. So thankfully the injury will not affect the schedule of the movie. Shahrukh in the past has injured his back and elbow while he was shooting for the movie ‘Don 2’. A few months back, the actor was injured in the knee and was hospitalized for a knee injury. May be this time the actor has to concentrate more on his health.