Veena Malik assaults co-star Vedita Pratap during fight sequence


Once again Pakistani actress is Veena Malik is back in new and this time she is back with a more controversial issue. Malik has been recently alleged by co-actress Vedita Pratap of assaulting her during the shoot of a fight scene sequence.

Malik and Vedita were shooting for the movie ‘Mumbai 125 kms’ in which the two were to shot for a fight sequence. In the sequence Veena was supposed to grab Vedita by her neck and bang her head on the iron rod.

But Malik got so engrossed that she over did the scene and actually hurt her co-star. Pratap was so injured after the incident that she had to be immediately hospitalised for treatment.

The actress got furious and called complained to the director. According to the sources from the production unit Vedita has got hurt on her forehead which might lead to a scar and affect her career. Pratap is furious after the incident and alleged that Veena assaulted her by purpose and that she even had nail marks on her body. Meanwhile, Malik is yet to comment on the matter. After the missing spree by Veena, the actress is once again back to the limelight with the fight scene and the director too might have got some realistic shots for the movie.