Rakhi Sawant and Ajaz Khan at Rowdy Bangalore practice session

Sara Khan box cricket

BCL team Rowdy Bangalore practices for upcoming episode with Rakhi Sawant and Ajaz Khan.

Box Cricket League team Rowdy Bangalore were seen gearing up for the upcoming season at a practice session in Mumbai on November 10, 2014. The practice session saw Rakhi Sawant, Ajaz Khan and Sarah Khan along with other TV stars sweating it out.

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Sara interacted with the media and said, “BCL will be a grand reality show. Big surprises for us have been planned by team owners and the channel. Rakhi Sawant is the bomb package for Rowdy Bangalore.”

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Actress-turned-politician Rakhi sported black shorts with a t-shirt for the practice session while others were seen wearing the official jersey of the team.

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