VJ Bani and Shahid Kapoor spend time together in Mumbai?

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Bollywood Garam: After going through different phases in his personal life, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has decided to enjoy his single hood. The actor was recently seen with the popular music channel VJ Bani in a restaurant in Bandra area in Mumbai, India and this sighting was enough to let rumour mills go crazy.

A lot was spoken about Shahid and Priyanka when they were in their make up and break up mode. However, though the two have now decided to move their own ways, while still being friends, Shahid has already started to enjoy life by making new friends.

Shahid and a male friend were seen with Bani in a restaurant, and looked comfy enjoying a meal over a few drinks. An eye witness who had spotted the trio said that the three seemed as if they were friends for many years and were having a great time together chatting and cracking jokes.

While VJ Bani too had confirmed the news saying that they were gym mates and often worked out together, she also added that as the two felt hungry that day, they decided to have a meal together. While Shahid now has declared his bachelorhood again, seems like the two may some day become more than good friends. VJ Bani became popular on television through the reality show Roadies on MTV. The VJ is now known by everyone in the television industry.