Deepika Padukone to work with Salman Khan at Katrina Kaif’s expense?


Bollywood Garam: Despite Katrina Kaif’s hard attempts to convince Salman Khan to do the lead role in Kabir Khan’s next movie – under the Yash Raj Films banner-  actress Deepka Padukone is now ready to take Katrina’s place. One must be wondering how the ‘Om Shanti Om’ girl came in to picture, but critics say that Deepika is using this role to get even with Kat for taking away her then boyfriend Rabir Kapoor.

While the makers of the movie were searching for an actress for the role, they wanted to cast an A-lister opposite the “Dabbang” actor. Actresses like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were being considered.

After some misunderstandings between Kareena during the promos of the movie ‘Roadside Romeo’, the makers preferred not to cast her. Chances of Priyanka Chopra, acting opposite Salman despite their patch up, could not be taken into consideration.

Differences between Katrina and Salman in recent days was on an all time high as Salman had allegedly tried his level best to hinder her career, by warning many producers not to work with her. Finally it was Deepika, who seemed like the best candidate for Salman Khan, as she had many times expressed her interest to work with the ‘Dabangg’ actor. Deepika had said that she had heard from many sources that he is a very caring person and likes to speak his mind out. The actress is now keen to work with Salman in the new project of YRF. Wonder if this jodi will click well on screen.