Payal Rohatgi sends threatening messages to director Sudhir Mishra?


Bollywood Garam: After small time actress Payal Rohatgi , accused director Dibakar Banerjee of indecent behavior, director Sudhir Mishra had come out openly to support the innocence of Dibakar. The actress had later got furious on Sudhir’s support for Dibakar and had reportedly sent harassing text messages to Sudhir.

The actress even called Sudhir and warned him not to get in to the matter. After the threatening calls and messages, Mishra filed a police complaint against the actress in the Versova police station on Tuesday in Mumbai.

The messages that Payal had sent said, “You don’t know what happened between me and Dibakar. Lay off. I don’t want to work with you. I am a girl, not a piece of meat. Please don’t bi**h about me as now I won’t shut up.”

On interviewing Payal, the actress confessed that she had sent these messages to Mishra. Payal said that she was disturbed the way he and Anurag Kashyap were supporting Dibakar. The actress added that Mishra had even apologized to her about the matter and she does not understand why Sudhir has taken the matter again after 12 to 13 days. Payal had even said that she had asked Mishra if he had filed a police complaint and the director had denied doing it.

Payal Rohatgi is not new to controversies. She was in the news for her intimacy with Rahul Mahajan on the Indian  reality show Bigg Boss a few years ago, and then again when she spoke about the physical abuse she was forced to undergo at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend Rahul Mahajan.