Dum Maaro Dum movie release in trouble following court case


Bollywood Garam: After the flop  of the much hyped “Dum Maaro Dum” item song, there comes report that a media professional has sought for a ban on the movie before the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court. Savio Rodrigues has filed the complaint in the court saying that the movie depicts the Indian tourist state in bad light and will give Goa a bad name.

According to the promos of the movie, Goa is the capital of sex trade and drug trafficking. The petitioner has pleaded that such a movie will put a negative impact on the state, earn a bad name and will also refrain the tourists from holidaying in the state.

The respondents of the case are M/s Ramesh Sippy Entertainment and M/s FoxStar Studios Pvt Ltd. Rodrigues had also stated that over the period of years, Goa has received a lot of negative publicity and has also earned a bad name due to a few murders of some international tourists.

Moreover, the petitioner has also said that Bollywood was responsible for depicting the negative side of the state. The petitioner claimed that Goa has been portrayed in the media as well as the movie, as the destination of sex and drugs and that both are easily available in the state. Fransisco Pacheco the former tourism minister had also raised the issue in the legislative assembly session.

Many critics say that it is high time that Goa speaks up to the greedy filmakers who wants to make big bucks at the cost of the International tourist destination. In many other places in India, horrible atrocities are commited against tourists, but no film maker dares to cover these for fear of political backlash.