Siddharth Kasyap collaborates with famous musicians on The Magic Flute

1. Siddharth Kasyap DSC_1822

Young composer Siddharth Kasyap, popular flute player Ronu Majumdar and music arranger Atul Raninga teamed up with Crescendo Music’s Suresh Thomas to release the album ‘The Magic Flute’. The album was unveiled by the singer Ismail Darbar on September 12, 2013.

1. Siddharth Kasyap DSC_1822

The launch event featured the soulful composition by the trio live, as well as an exotic fashion show and a very unique ballet- Bharatnatayam by Gaysil Naubert. The event was attended by many celebrities, including Roop Kumar Rathod, Amy Billimoria, Sandeepa Dhar, Simple Kaul, Alex, Prashant Rai, Deepak Pandit and Mohsin Khan.

2. Ronu Majumdar, Siddharth Kasyap,  and Atul Raninga DSC_1836

The ramp show featured models like Natasha Suri, Ushoshi Sengupta, Sonia Birje and Aakshi Khari. Ronu, while talking about the album said that it will mark many firsts and that the experience of the creation itself has been magical. Kasyap, while talking about the composition said that it showcases various melodies rendered on flute, but also has hip hop, orchestral, lounge, spiritual, as well as modern pop, rock and jazz musical arrangements, at the same time keeping the essence of Indian folk and classical music.

Atul, while talking about the album said that there is a track where the flute is played with peppy tune with a complete orchestral setup, which has taken the album beyond imagination in terms of arrangements.