Pratyusha Banerjee gets injured on Bigg Boss 7


The second day at ‘Bigg Boss’ house showed that contestants on the ‘Hell’ side have already started experiencing pain. The ‘Hell’ mates were given a task to rotate two giant wheels, after which the ‘Heaven’ mates would be able to get the basic necessities, like gas and water.


During the task, ‘Hell’ mate Pratyusha Banerjee of ‘Anandi’ fame got injured, as her hand stuck in the wheel and the task had to be stopped because of it. Earlier in the day, Pratyusha and Andy had an argument, as Andy made fun of Pratyusha’s spiritual beliefs.

The two got into an argument, but later Andy understood her point of view and apologized to Banerjee for his comments.

Photo Credits: Top News