Ajay Devgn and Hrithik Roshan appeal COVID-19 survivors to donate blood

The survivors of COVID-19 can help the infected people by donating their blood as it contains cells that can kill the virus

hrithik ajay

While the world is fighting hard against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, celebrities from across the globe are helping out by encouraging people to be generous or are helping to spread awareness about the virus. Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgn have appealed the COVID-19 survivors to come forward and donate their blood to help other patients infected with the virus.

Ajay in a Tweet explained that the blood of people who have recovered from coronavirus have the bullets that can kill the virus. The actor added that for this purpose the survivors of COVID-19 can donate their blood, especially the ones who went through a severe condition.

Hrithik Roshan also supported the initiative and informed that the Kasturba Hospital in Mumbai is on a mission that is asking for support from the people who have successfully recovered from the virus. The Bang Bang actor further explained that people who have successfully completed the 14 day quarantine and have tested negative for COVID-19, their blood contains the cells that kill the virus.

This means that survivors who donate their blood could be of help to people who are currently infected. This could be more beneficial for people who are more critical. Ajay Devgn has donated Rs. 51 lakhs towards the Federal of Western India Cine Employees while Hrithik has donated N95 masks and FFP3 masks for the BMC workers and other caretakers.

Photo Credits:Viral Bhayani