Samrat Prithviraj theatre shows face cancellations due to zero occupancy


Akshay Kumar and Manushi Chillar starrer Samrat Prithviraj hit the theatres on June 3, 2022. After getting a good start, the movie showed a decline in terms of occupancy in the theatres. Reports say that many of the shows of Samrat Prithviraj are getting cancelled due to zero occupancy during the morning shows.

It has to be noticed that Samrat Prithviraj was expected to be one of the most awaited films in Bollywood and was made on a huge budget. Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi has claimed that the makers have spent nearly 18 years on research of the story and is touted as one of the most expensive films in Bollywood.

Somehow the fans of Akshay Kumar have expressed disappointment as the film has failed to justify the research work and the budget. Many people are also calling Akhay’s performance as ordinary without any excitement. Some have also blamed it on the short length which was not enough to glorify an iconic figure from history.

With so many negative aspects of the film, Samrat Prithviraj has failed to draw the audience to the theatres due to which the shows are being cancelled. The film also stars Sonu Sood, Sanjay Dutt, Manav Vij, Ashutosh Rana and Sakshi Tanwar. Samrat Prithviraj is based on the Indian warrior Prithviraj Chauhan and was released in theatres after facing plenty of backlash from various groups.

Photo Credits: Prithviraj Movie official Instagram account