Luv Ka The End movie review – Revenge meets fresh humour


Bollywood Garam: The young and refreshing Bollywood movie ‘Luv Ka The End’ released on 6th May 2011 after some pretty interesting promos and previews. The movie marked the debut of veteran actor Shakti Kapoor’s daughter Shraddha Kapoor, and has received rave reviews  from fans across the globe.

The movie saw Vivek Bhushan aka Bumpy making his Bollywood debut in the Director’s seat. Vivek has been known for directing the most happening Indian reality show on TV called ‘Roadies’. ‘Luv Ka The End’ also includes Taaha Shah, who plays the role of Luv Nanda, and Shehnaz Treasurywala.

The story of the movie is about Rhea (played by Shraddha), who comes to know about the unfaithfulness of her boyfriend Luv Nanda. This is when she decides to take revenge with the help of her friends.

Instead of over reacting to the situation, Rhea decides to take sweet revenge, without the knowledge of Luv. The movie has many hilarious moments and director Bumpy has successfully covered the fresh subject with ease. The highlight of the movie is the ‘Mutton song’, in which Taaha Shah is seen in a ‘ghagra choli’ dancing around several men, while Rhea and her friends enjoy the scene.

The highlight of the movie has got to be the dialogue, coupled with some fresh humour. Besides some boring stereotypical characters, Sharaddha and Taaha have some great screen presence and do a good job with their roles in the movie.

With a fresh subject the movie will indeed attract the young audience. A must watch for those looking for some fun.