Ragini MMS movie review – Impressive twosome, unoriginal horror


Bollywood Garam: Ekta Kapoor kept her promise to treat the audience with a scary movie in a realistic subject and she did all she could to keep it that way. The movie, aptly titled ‘Ragini MMS’ does not boast of a starry cast, yet has managed to impress the audience with equal amounts of fright, romance and the thrill factor, but at the same time, the recycled horror movie story lines spoils it a great deal.

Ekta has proved to be a true master mind, by making a low-budget movie, but after all the hype surrounding it, it hasn’t lived up as well as it was supposed to. The story is about a young couple who goes out on a romantic holiday and hire a bungalow to spend some quality time.

The director of Ragini MMS, Pawan Kriplani, has gone out of his ways to create the best possible horror experience in the movie, and despite doing a good job at times, he falls short in many ways. Nothing in the movie has been over done, but it hasn’t been done exceptionally well though.

Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav in Ragini MMS

The cast of Ragini MMS includes newcomers Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav, and the two have done justice to their roles by delivering the best out of them as realistic lovers, who have crept away for some fun, and relax in a house has several hidden cameras tucked away in the walls.

As per Ekta’s promise, the movie is indeed a scary flick and is a must watch for all those who can handle the ‘horror’. As far as the negative points are concerned, at one point, Ragini MMS may seem like it is dragging or possibly stuck in some slow motion loop, but that does not pull for too long. There is also the clichéd ghost, who seems to be the same one we see in so many Bollywod flicks, and many parts of the movie tend to have too much of background noise, instead of the required horror-movie-silence.

But on the plus side, there is nothing that cannot be watched in terms of horror. It has the perfect combination of sex and horror, something that many of the youngsters of today often miss in the usual Bollywood movie, and this Indian version of horror will go down well with the audience. Afterall, in how many Indian movies can you actually see some titillating and realistic steamy scenes between co-stars which lasts for more than 3 minutes?

But if you think it could be spine-chilling-horror like the western movies, then you could be disappointed with its uncanny resemblance to ‘Paranormal Activity’.

Bollywood Garam’s verdict? We give a 3/5 review rating for the movie, since the story is fresh when it comes to Bollywood flicks, the main stars have given us splendid performances and even though it seemed to be quite predicable and slow at times, we have to give Ekta Kapoor credit for getting into a territory where many accomplished filmmakers are yet to traverse. But then again, the innumerable clichés and standard story line is something that should have been worked on to make it a masterpiece.