Vedita Pratap Singh's love making scenes in Bhindi Baazaar Inc. to raise temperatures


Bollywood Garam: The promos of the movie Bhindi Baazaar Inc. have already hit the silver sccreen and have even developed a lot of curiosity among the audience due to the explicit nature of the promos. As per the promos, actress Vedita Pratap Singh in the movie is seen in a bold and a vamp-type role.

The spot light is on the actress, due to her dare bare acts in the movie along with her co-stars Prashant Narayan and Pawan Malhotra. While talking about the inhibitions of the actress, she said that she did not have any issues or problems in doing the steamy scenes.

Singh added that she just tried to be loyal to the script and the bold scenes were really essential for the movie. In the movie, Vedita will be seen playing a bitchy character, which involves four to five intimate scenes.

Sources from the unit had said that initially everyone had thought that the actress would be hesitant and uncomfortable. But when the scenes were actually shot, Vedita seemed confident while shooting. The actress finally added that her reasons for going ahead with the hot scenes were absolutely professional and that she would not have any regrets for what she did for the movie.

Vedita’s act in the movie has proved that the newbies entering in the industry are ready to show skin or do anything to nail their career in the Indian film industry, much the same way that Mallika Sherawat did in her Bollywood debut. Do we see a trend beginning?