Adhyayan Suman, Shekhar Suman, Ariana Ayam promote Heartless

Heartless promotions (1) The cast of ‘Heartless’ – Adhyayan Suman, Ariana Ayam and Shekhar Suman – promoted their new movie at Fortis Hospital in Mumbai on January 29, 2014. ‘Heartless’ is an upcoming flick which focuses on the medical phenomenon called ‘Anesthesia awareness’. It is a condition where a patient cannot move his body, but can understand everything that is going on around him.

Heartless promotions (1)

Adhyayan during the promotional event said, “It was a wonderful experience working with my father. Of course we had a dream of working together two years back and it has come true with Heartless.”

Heartless promotions (2)

The actor explained that for a director who is having his debut, he can select any movie which is easy to make and make the hero have six pack abs and drive good cards and dress well, but that is not the case with ‘Heartless’.

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