Meera Chopra harassed through vulgar emails?


Bollywood Garam: Bolllywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s cousin, Meera Chopra has been recently hit with vulgar emails. The actress was reportedly sent vulgar emails by some unknown people, after the matter was reported to the Delhi police and investigations are being carried out.

The actress is currently in a state of shock as some initial investigations that have been found, state that people known to her have done the harm. The actress has said that she wants the world to know who has done it, but is requested to remain calm due to on going investigations.

Meera had reported the matter the to the police in January 2011 stating that she had received vulgar emails from unknown people. After the IP addresses were tracked it was found that the IP address had belong to a person named SK Ahuja.

Surprisingly, the actress had even stated the she was engaged to France-based Samir Ahuja. The whole incident has caused a lot of stress to the family of the actress as well as her fiance’s family. Due to the shocking incident, the engagement of the actress is almost on the verge of ending.