Bipasha Basu gets her navel piercing wish fulfilled


Bollywood Garam: Seems like Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is trying to fulfill all her pending wishes as soon as possible. After separating from her long time sweetheart John Abraham, the actress is now indulging in fulfilling her long unfulfilled wishes.

The ‘Raaz’ actress recently got her navel pierced, the thing she always wanted to have since she was a teenager. On her Twitter page, Bips revealed that she has got her navel pierced.

The actress expressed that it was her long wish to get her navel pierced, but was scared of the pain. Finally, Bipasha had been to Aalim’s place last weekend and had got her navel pierced.

In an interview, Bips revealed that it is yet to heal and looks great on her. As soon as Bipasha had posted the message, several followers had showered the actress with healing tips for the piercing.

Some of the followers on Twitter had requested her to post a picture, but the actress said that it was still healing and probably looked swollen up, she cannot post a picture. Bipasha even thanked all the followers for the tips. Wonder when the actress will be showing a glimpse of the pierced navel.