Vivek Oberoi and Jackie Shroff attend Nana Chudasama birthday bash

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Bollywood joins in to celebrate former mayor Nana Chudasama’s birthday.

Bollywood actors Vivek Oberoi and Jackie Shroff were seen attending Nana Chudasama’s birthday celebration held in Mumbai on June 17, 2014. Daughter Shaina NC, posted an image on Twitter and wrote, “Hppy bthdy to the original TWEETER way bck whn TWITTER didnt exist thru his banners on marine drve. NANA CHUDASAMA (sic).”

Nana bday (4)

Chudasama is an eminent jurist, former mayor and Sheriff of Mumbai. Nana in his later career became the founder of the NGO ‘Giants International’ which has more than 500 branches in India and across the globe.

Political baron Sharad Pawar was also seen attending the birthday celebration.

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He is also the president of the ‘I Love Mumbai’ foundation that he pioneered when he was the Sheriff of Mumbai.

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