Minissha Lamba gets threat calls from national and international callers


Bollywood Garam: Actress Minisha Lamba is reportedly getting threat calls from anonymous callers. The ‘Bachna Ae Hasino’ actress said that the callers threaten her not to attend the Indo-American event in New York.

The actress said that the she is getting calls from two unknown numbers. Minissha also disclosed that one of the numbers was an international one, while the other was an Indian number.

After the matter was reported to the police, the officials traced the Indian number, which was of a telephone booth in the state of Haryana. The actress argued that why shouldn’t she attend the event which brings together the Indian personalities and the NRIs.

Lamba has now made it clear that she intends to attend the event and is now even more curious and suspicious about the matter. The actress even made it clear that she is not scared of any calls and is now more determined to attend the event in New York. Minissha said that she had started receiving the calls from Saturday and initially she had herself received the calls. The actress found out that both the callers had said that same thing to her and had threatened her not to attend the event.