Saif Ali Khan buys wedding ring for Kareena Kapoor?


Bollywood Garam: Seems like the most happening couple of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are actually ready to tie the knot in near future. Preparations for the big day has reportedly begun as Saif selects the most beautiful and precious ring for his future wife.

Kareena’s favorite designer Ritu Kumar has allegedly started working on the wedding outfits of Kareena, while Saif too has selected a ring for his love. Saif recently ordered for a set of rings from a jeweler out of Bandra area in Mumbai.

Different rings of different cuts were sent to the actor, who had asked for princess cut diamonds along with a few other shapes. However this is not the first time the actor has selected rings for the actress.

Since the year 2007, when the couple had started dating, the actor has kept gifting the actress with solitaire diamonds. Due to which reporters who used to spot the actress with the ring used to think that it was an engagement ring. Close friends of the couple have said that the two have decided to tie the knot in the month of February 2012. But till date the two have remained silent about the wedding dates, which might have been finalized.

However, with the death of Saif’s father Tiget Pataudi, it looks like all celebrations will have to come to a temporary standstill.